T-Bone Steak US ‘Prime’

    If the Porterhouse is the the Grandaddy of all steaks then this is the Daddy and still a meal for two. The T-Bone is a slightly smaller version of the Porterhouse and still has a sirloin one side and a fillet the other. This is probably the most famous of all US steaks and the meal you will have here will be one of the finest, most tender and most flavoursome. Get off that 'hos' and pop one of these in your saddle bag! Perfect as a meal for two or one hungry Texan!

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    Product Description


    Taste: Rich 'Bone in' flavour gives you that stunning taste.

    Tenderness: 9/10 delicate Fillet one side and flavour inspiring NY Strip the other.

    Texture: Carves like butter and texture that is consistent every time... amazing.

    How to cook a T-Bone Steak?

    Leave the meat out to come to room temperature for a couple of hours, covered over. To cook, you can either barbecue, pan fry on a fluted skillet, grill or seal first in a pan and then cook in the oven to finish off. Either way it 's going to be an amazing experience. Remember you are tackling almost a kilo of meat here so expect a decent cooking time. I'd suggest you'd need a minimum of 25-35 minutes to cook this little fellow...

    Serves: Small (700-900g) - 1/2, Large (900-1200g) - 2

    Maturity: Minimum 40 days

    Origin: USA 'Prime' MidWest, there are three grades of meat in the US - Prime, Choice and Select, no guesses for which we choose!

    Breed: Black Angus, Longhorn & Shorthorn Prairie Grass Fed

    Delivered: Frozen 'Locking in the Freshness'


    very goodReview by A Pickup
    The steaks look and taste really nice. (Posted on 11/04/2016)

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