How To Cook Perfect Fillet Steaks


    1. Get the pan, grill or barbecue hot!

    2. Place the steak in the pan/grill or bbq, allowing plenty of space around the steak.

    3. Now , salt the top side only with sea salt flakes (this draws the juices up to the top)

    4. Once cooked to your liking, turn the steak once and cook on the other side, remembering to salt the top of the second side.

    5. Once cooked, remove from pan and Allow to rest for three minutes and then serve.  
      5oz (140g)        8oz (225g)
    Blue 1 minute each side  minutes each side  
    Rare 1½ minutes each side minutes each side
    Medium rare: 2 minutes each side minutes each side
    Medium:  2¼ minutes each side minutes each side
    Well done:  2½ - 3 minutes each side 5½ - 6 minutes each side

    Quick Tips: 

    • It's important to allow your steaks to rest once cooked, as they will continue to cook for a further few minutes whilst resting, so don't over do it. 
    • Sear your steaks in a hot oiledpan first to lock in the juices if finishing in the oven. Add the cooking time of each side to get the above results. 

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