Whole Beef Fillet large (frozen)

    Our frozen fillet comes from the same finest grass-fed beef as our fresh fillet. It is matured for a flavour enhancing 40 days and then frozen to lock in the freshness.

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    This fillet comes from the finest grass-fed beef we have to offer, matured for a flavour enhancing 40 days it is never less than stunning and just melts in the mouth.

    This is the tenderest of all cuts due to the finest marbling running through the grain of the meat making it easy to cook and keeping it succulent and tender.

    Taste: Delicate hints of mineral rich Pampas grass

    Tenderness: Hits 10 on the scale

    Texture: Divine, soft and succulent

    Cooking Tips: This whole fillet is delivered frozen and will need to be defrosted before cooking. We recommend leaving out at room temperature for between 5 to 6 hours. Always cook your fillet from room temperature so it's nice and relaxed before you cook it.

    How to cook a whole Fillet of Beef? Always seal your fillet in a hot pan first, it’s a simple move that helps keep the juices in the meat, leaving it rosy and pink on the inside and dark & crunchy on the outside. Do this whether you are roasting, barbecuing and especially when making beef Wellington. One of our favourite ways to cook fillet is on the barbecue, its just spectacular. Seal first in olive oil and then sprinkle with Maldon sea salt and black pepper. Cook and turn on a high heat, avoiding flames, for 45 mins approx. To gauge how well you want it cooked, slice a fine sliver of the head to take a peak inside. Remember that the meat will continue to cook for a further 10 minutes after removing from any heat source.

    Size: 1.8kg - 2.0kg

    Serves: 8-10 people

    Ageing: 40 days+

    Breed: Angus / Hereford

    Origin: Argentine Beef / Argentinian Beef

    Delivered: Frozen 'Locking in the Freshness'



    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Halal No


    Amazing!!Review by Joanna
    This steak is phenomenal! We freeze some to eat at a later date and even after defrosting it tastes just as good. I honestly think this steak is better than you get in some of the best steak restaurants in London. Thank you! (Posted on 23/01/2021)
    very goodReview by John Morris
    Exactly what we wanted! (Posted on 04/04/2016)
    goodReview by D Evans
    fillet was lovely really enjoyed them. (Posted on 21/03/2016)

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