Customer Service


    How is the beef packaged?

    Your beef is individually vacuum-packed at source for maximum freshness.

    We use the latest design in temperature controlled packaging: our boxes contain a refrigerant that maintains an ambient temperature, keeping your product fresh or frozen until its arrival.

    Green policy
    Pampas Plains is keen to make sure that the best possible reuse of our packaging is made in such a way that is it not detrimental to the environment. Polystyrene trays can be deployed in the green house as seedling boxes and the chill packs can be refrozen and used again for summer picnics. We are always glad to hear any of your bright ideas, and we are continually trying to keep the grass as green as possible on both sides of the Atlantic!

    How do I order from Pampas Plains?

    Web Ordering - Click on the chosen product category from the main menu bar and select the cuts you prefer. The average weight of a particular cut and is shown. Simply enter the number of cuts you require and click on 'Add to Cart', when you have finished, go to the SHOPPING CART on the menu bar to see what you have ordered. When you are ready confirm your order and complete the steps.

    You can order 24hrs a day using either our website or our Hotline on 01580 201322. Orders are processed between office hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and despatched next day. Should you have any queries email us on:

    Product Pricing - All Pampas Plains products are stated in kilograms, and weights are included for information only. The average pack sizes and estimated prices are for your information. The pack prices are approximate because each order has its own unique weight. Please ensure you have specified the quantities you require in the 'Quantity' column.

    Whilst we make every endeavour to maintain our prices, we reserve the right to alter them without notice.

    How is payment is handled?

    Payment can be made via credit card; we accept: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Switch and Paypal

    Products are purchased by unit. When we receive your order we will process it and indicate the exact cost on your invoice. If for any reason you are unhappy with your order please contact our office immediately on 0845 130 6123.

    All prices shown are inclusive of VAT where applicable.

    What guarantees do I have?

    We feel confident that you will be delighted with our finest quality, grass-fed beef. Our Guarantee states, "All Pampas Plains products are produced to the highest standards to ensure the very finest quality. We want you to enjoy them. In the unlikely event that you are disappointed, please let us know so that we can replace or refund your order in full."

    How can I expect the products to be delivered?

    We use a premium delivery service. This costs a little more, but ensures your product arrives in the freshest condition and on time. You can select an AM (8.00-1200) or a PM (12.00-18.00) delivery.

    Storage: Your meat will arrive chilled or frozen depending on your order and should ideally be kept at between 0°C and +3°C for maximum freshness or -18°C. Most domestic fridges run at between +5°C and +7°C and therefore we recommend consuming your beef as soon as possible, as is normal with fresh meat.

    Freezing: Your beef is ideal for freezing and should you wish to freeze it or keep it frozen; do so when it arrives and consume, ideally, within 6 months. If you have bought a whole joint, we recommend that you consider cutting it up (e.g. into individual steaks, or smaller roasting joints) prior to freezing so that you can defrost the portions according to your needs, instead of ‘using up’ a whole piece. You must not re-freeze the meat once it has thawed.

    Can I send my product as a gift?

    Pampas Plains loves gifts! We like to get them and give them too. If you want to send a friend or loved one a gift, simply follow the steps at the checkout. We will handwrite a card and place in in a smart black envelope to ensure your gift is personal and appreciated.

    What does my card look like?


    How long is Pampas Plains Beef aged for?

    Pampas Plains uses a special maturation process which is unique to our beef; we mature our Beef for between four and eight weeks. You will never receive meat that has been aged for less than four weeks.

    When may I expect my order to be delivered?

    Fresh: If in stock, next day delivery is available for orders placed before 2.30pm (ex highlands & Islands).

    Frozen: If in stock, next day is available for orders placed before 2.30pm (ex highlands & Islands).

    Please see matrix below to give you a better idea of our delivery schedule.

    Ordered Earliest Delivery Day
    Sun Mon Tue Wed Thr Fri Sat
    On Day By Time              
    Sun All Day      
    Mon Before 14:30      
    After 14:30      
    Tue Before 14:30      
    After 14:30      
    Wed Before 14:30      
    After 14:30      
    Thr Before 14:30      
    After 14:30        
    Fri Before 14:30        
    After 14:30      
    Sat All Day      


    All orders place in advance for a Saturday delivery will be subject to a surcharge.

    All times are estimates, please allow additional time for the Highlands of Scotland, Offshore Islands and Northern Ireland.

    Why is a product I have previously ordered not currently showing on your website?

    When products are 'sold out' they are removed from the web catalogue till we have re-stocked them. Once they are 'in stock' they will reappear.

    Which should I order - Fresh or Frozen?

    Products highlighted with either a or icon, indicate that this product can be purchased as one or the other. In cases where a product has both logos, your products will be delivered fresh unless you buy frozen products with your order. If your order includes any frozen products we will freeze all of your goods at no extra cost.

    Where do you deliver?

    Pampas Plains delivery area is constantly growing. We currently deliver anywhere in the mainland UK, the prices can be found on the site. We now also deliver to Ireland, the Channel Islands and now Europe! For delivery here please call our main office on 01580 201322.

    How much is delivery?

    Mainland UK

    Our standard delivery charge is £7.95. Minimum order value is £10.

    FREE delivery on orders over £80 (subject to offers).

    Saturday delivery is available for an additional £3.95

    All other areas such as highlands and islands, Ireland and Europe will require a quote. Please call our main office on 01580 201322 , Mon-Fri 9:00 - 5:00 for full details.

    Why does the date on the frozen product show a best before date that has already passed?

    Please note that some of our products, in particular 'Picanha' or 'Rump cap' arrive fresh and we then freeze them immediately, this is due to supply and demand. We like to try to have the products you like, when you want them.

    The shelf life date inside the vacuum pack is the 'fresh' date and bears no meaning to the life of the frozen product. we give 6 months shelf life from the date of freezing.

    Where is Pampas Plains Beef from?

    We source all our beef from around the world, origin is in the details of all products where possible.

    How long does frozen meat keep for?

    The optimum period is 6 months, after which the product will start to very slowly decline as the outer cell walls of the meat break down over time. You can keep the product for up to a year without seeing any significant affectation to the quality of your product. The effects of longer term storage are: a little shrinkage and possible freezer burn if the product is not protected with a covering such as a vacuum pack. A client recently rang us after finding a fillet at the bottom of her freezer after 3 years. She asked if it was ok to eat. We said 'try it and let us know...' The report came back a week later that it was one of the best fillets she had eaten!

    What is Churascarria?

    The gaucho cowboys first developed the simple churasco grilling style that would become sought-after throughout Brazil and, eventually, the world. The Pampas is the birthplace of the churrasco (shoo-haas-koh) barbecue method. The gaucho cowboys cooked outside, over the flames, on long skewers made of wood and metal. Because the gauchos ate the tougher cuts of the grass-fed beef, they developed ingenious methods for tenderizing the meat. Celebrity Brazillian chef Da Fonseca, brushes his beef with a Molho Campanha marinade, a salsa-like sauce made of onions, tomatoes, green peppers and vinegar. The vinegar flavors and tenderizes the outside of the meat and as the tomatoes hit the flame, there's a sweet and aromatic flavor that is infused.

    How and when was Pampas Plains founded?

    Pampas Plains was founded by Malcolm N.F Harris on March 31st 2003, after having spent 5 years in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he set up and ran a retail and wholesale business. On return to the UK he really missed the steak from Argentina and so sought the product for the UK market. The business started by serving the catering trade with Argentine beef, before moving into the retail internet business, where is has developed a considerable following of regular private clients. The company has gone from strength to strength and continues to grow in its specialised niche market segment.

    Why can't I use my discount code on some items, or why won't my discount code work?

    Products on 'special' or 'sale' do not attract a second discount, the code will show, but there will be no monetary discount available. If your discount code does not work, please use the chat facility (Zopim) at the bottom right hand corner of the screen to speak directly with the office, or send an email to us.

    Using voucher codes, why is it not working?

    If you are a 'New Client' and are using a voucher for the first time, then please be aware that you need to order above the minimum order value for the voucher to be active. If you are still having problems, please use the chat facility (Zopim) at the bottom right hand corner of the screen to speak directly with the office, or send an email to us.