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    'Bringing Home The Beef'

    In 1825, the Symmetry sailed out of Leith harbour for the distant shores of Buenos Aires, carrying 200 Scotsmen, women and children and their dreams of a new beginning in the Argentine. Their arrival saw the development of a successful and long-standing link between the old cattle-raising traditions of Britain and the unparalleled lush, fertile grasslands of the Pampas Plains.

    Among these early buccaneers, were several Harris families from their Clan home of the Isle of Harris. Now a return journey is being made, as I share my secrets of the Argentine, with its two centuries of beef expertise, and bring you: Pampas Plains.

    Pampas Plains is dedicated to selling the world’s finest beef and this is why, after having lived in the Argentine for many years, I have now personally selected a portfolio of exceptional estancias, or estates. These concentrate on rearing the two main British breeds of cattle – Aberdeen Angus and Hereford. Their secret lies in the pastures of the Pampas Plains themselves, which impart a richer, distinctively grass-fed flavour to the meat.

    On the plains, each animal is indulged with the equivalent of 7 football pitches- worth of pasture and needs never be fed artificially. It seldom comes into contact with humans and grazes, roams and breeds as nature intended, free from stress, hormone additives and BSE. With almost year round sunshine and highly nutritious grasslands upon which to feed, it is not difficult to appreciate why these cattle consistently make the tastiest and most tender steak in the world.

    Only Pampas Plains can offer such carefully chosen produce from such an ideal location. Prepare for that feeling of discovery that the Harris Clan and others like it enjoyed all those years ago.

    Find out more about Malcolm and his passion for Argentine beef in this online interview.

    Malcolm Harris - Pampas Plains


    Malcolm Harris
    Founder and Director of Pampas Plains